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Day 259 – Hunting

August! My month! [And apparently a lot of my friends’ month too.]

I spent a couple of hours doing the Home & Garden Hunt today. We all know how I feel about hunts, but this was one that I was super excited for. With a couple of exceptions, it was fairly easy. Laggy, of course, but only one store owner was really kind of sucky about hiding & moving around their gift.

When people do rez, it’s fun to look at folks doing the hunts.

This mermaid was about to be fried and on my plate with a side of fries. She kept lagging me out.

I like fish better fried.

I teleported in to Reek and landed practically on top of this guy. No idea who he is, but I hope he didn’t mind me shoving him to the side and out of peoples’ way.

Chest looker

Oh. I didn’t realize live sex was part of the hunt experience.


But, I got the whole hunt finished. There are 50 stops, but most of them do go pretty fast. I spent a little time tonight starting to unpack my goodies.


I’ve only gotten through the first… oh, maybe not even the first 10 folders, since I’ve been reading and doing other things, but so far I love everything I’ve gotten. Considering I usually only keep about 25% of the items of any hunt I do, I consider this quite the success so far.

I’m freezing [for some reason it’s super cold in my house] so I think it’s time to get in bed and snuggle in with a good book.

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