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Day 264 – Squeak squeak

I was super excited to be asked to be one of the official Shoe Fair bloggers this year. I’ve got the blog over to the right side, so you can always clicky if you want to see what’s going on there. But I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time over on the fairgrounds, so you’ll see more pics.

I have to show this one, though. I love all the displays out there, but this made me laugh. You know how there’s always stories of finding a finger in a can of soda or something? Well, how about a whole foot in your champagne bottle?! :-O

Shoe in the bottle!

Also… I came home from the fair and discovered that I might need an exterminator. I seem to have a mouse problem! What the HECK?


Ack, it’s 4am. I need to get in bed!

2 thoughts on “Day 264 – Squeak squeak

  1. LoLz, I thought that display method was “interesting” as well. Hmmm, I saw that dress at the fair, and I almost got it but I think it looks better on you 🙂
    I did, however, have to have the Fluer daisy shoes in Lemon that you showcased. And I love 'em!

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