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Day 270 – Yay for water!

So I downloaded the new 2.1.1 beta viewer today. No real reason, I just wanted to see what it was doing. After getting horrific lag with pretty much all of the third party viewers, about a month ago I made the switch to the main client. It took about a week to really get comfortable with it. But after getting about 2 fps with Emerald [if I was lucky], I figured it was better to just learn the darn viewer. I’m actually pretty used to it now, although there are some things I still dislike greatly.

1. No GOOD way to inspect prims.

You know how in the old SL viewer, or in Emerald, you can right click on prims that someone is wearing and up comes a list of each prim, the creator, and the creation date? And you can click to pull up the creator’s profile? You can’t do that in Viewer 2. Oh, there’s some “Object Profile” thing that you can use, but it’s not as good and that sucks a LOT. I want the old inspect back. That’s how I used to find new stores to go spend money at.

2. Profiles are all stuck in the sidebar.

This is one of the more annoying things. I miss our old profiles. I miss being able to open several, minimize them, and then pull them up later. Like the Inspect function, this was most useful to me for shopping. But I’d also keep several up to check things, and of course it was very very useful for dropping items quickly. Speaking of which, it’s also so clunky to create notices with attachments. In the old viewers, you could pull your groups up, and drop things into a notice easily. Now you have to open a new inventory window to do it, and while that doesn’t seem like such a hard thing, it is an extra step that would not be necessary if we had the individual windows for profiles & groups like we did in the older viewers.

3. Search is still kind of a mess.

I don’t use Search a WHOLE lot, but when I need to find someone’s profile, it would be kinda nice to be able to do that without jumping through hoops. Same with land sales and events.

But, there’s a lot of good with viewer 2. Alpha layers make me so so happy because it knocks out the need for invisiprims in shoes, and I love that. Nothing made shoes look more cheap than walking across a floor or in some grass and it looked like you had a big clear Homer Simpson shoe on. And in pictures, you couldn’t do certain poses or angles because of the invisiprim chopping your leg off. I love the tattoo layers, of course. And I double love being able to add layers. In fact, if it could be bumped up that I could add 10 layers instead of just 5, that would be great.

I also get very minimal lag unless it’s just a laggy sim, or something’s going on over here on my side, and antialiasing works like a dream for me now. The one thing that I was really really unhappy about before was that I had that issue with the water where it would photograph all crazy like. I’m not sure what they changed, but with the beta 2.1.1 viewer…. check it out!


Pretty water again!! WOOT!

Okay, I’m about to have keyboard face so it is soooo time for bed.

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