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Day 287 – Welcome to SL! Unless you’re a Hell’s Angel, I guess.

I didn’t have a chance to put up a post last night because I was too busy having fun and then my internet died. And that’s sad because I had a really epic post planned with lots of quotes. But, I’ve slept since then. :-p So all I can say is… Gurrrlllll….


Ruby, Ulaa and I were chilling at some welcome areas last night in an attempt to make some new friends or at least find some people to chat with for a bit. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely glad I’m not new to SL because if THESE are the places the new people are supposed to feel “welcomed” at, all the new viewers and screen name changes and not having to pick a scary last name and other shiny things in the world are NOT going to keep people in SL.

The people who seem to frequent these sims are well over a year old, and completely full of themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go there just to hear themselves talking on voice. We heard a 20 minute spiel on why Amy Winehouse was no longer fuckable. We heart a 60+ year old woman named “Wild” talk about the “blacks & Jews.” We heard some loser in a Phantom of the Opera costume go on and on and on about how there are “tribes” in SL and drama in those tribes. Baby, you want drama? Get into the fashion world. We heard some woman very obviously faking a little girl baby voice. And we heard about Hell’s Angels and how they may or may not kick someone’s ass for wearing their logo in SL. Um. Yeah.

If I had joined SL and ended up in one of these places, I think I would have logged off and probably not come back.

It was, though, an extremely fun and funny night!

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