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Day 312 – I’m crazy decorating girl! Gimme some candy!

I really love Halloween. Well…okay, I have to admit, I don’t like the zombie scary jump out from behind the bushes ugly monster Halloween stuff. I never watch horror movies and I do not enjoy being scared. My sleep patterns are screwed up enough, thank you.

But I do love the CUTE Halloween stuff. The stuff that is cute & spooky, but not actually scary. Ulaa has been working on what we’ve just kind of named “Spooky House.” She was finished with one version but needed to re-do it. I like what she’s done now a lot better. I was up on her platform earlier today checking things out again.


I’ve been working on decorating my house the past few days. I shared this pic on plurk, but if you didn’t see it, check out my new kitchen/dining area. I am so in love with it!

New kitchen

I have one more room to work on, and more landscaping to do, but I’m in love with my little home. It’s feeling very cozy and very much like me it’s making me very very happy.

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