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Day 318 – Duh-Duh-Duh-Destination Guide!

So tonight was the first night in a while that Aldwyn has had to put up with me all by himself. Usually we have other people in Skype with us or we’re with other people. But nope, tonight he had to deal with me without distractions. Poor guy. :-p

I wanted to do some exploring so I opened up the “duh-duh-duh-Destination Guide!” and we headed to the town of Innsmouth.


I’m not much into sci-fi/fantasy type stories [reading, I should say. I don’t mind if someone tells me a story if it’s good.] so I didn’t realize that this was a recreation of the town that H. P. Lovecraft used in his writings. It was quite spooky! If you go, turn on your music and media so that you get all the sounds you need. Well, from the media anyway. The music is just to more set the year range.

Also? Sea monsters!


It’s really a pretty cool little place to explore, so I would recommend it.

The rest of the night was spent in a garden cave talking. Although we talk all the time, rarely do we get too too deep into some things that bother me, and he was nice enough to sit there for a couple of hours and let me unload. I don’t open up to most men like that these days…so who knows, maybe there’s hope for me yet. lol Thanks honey. ♥

I’m so terribly exhausted. It’s been a very very long and active day and I’m pretty sure the only reason I’ve written so much tonight is because I’m so tired and sore, I can’t move and it’s just easier to sit in this chair and write. But I guess I’ll try to make my way to the bed. 🙂

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