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Day 325 – Angry Bear Is Angry

Angry Bear and I were sitting around having a chat today. See, Angry Bear is angry because some people can’t mind their own business. Angry Bear thinks that sometimes, the battle is not yours to fight. Pick your battles, choose your wars. Not everything is your story.

Listen to Angry Bear.


A battle that is not mine is the Last Stand of 2006 happening on the parcel next to Aldwyn’s place. As an island owner, I’m pretty relaxed as far as rules on Bluebonnet. We’re our own little place in the middle of the ocean and as long as no one is having issues, I’m pretty okay with however people want to decorate. My part is kind of country/shabby chic. Some go more modern, some go more forest, and then we have our two whimsical ladies on the other side of my place. We’re good this way.

But where Al has his land, it’s many sims connected for sailing and they have rules for how they can decorate. Buildings can’t be over a certain height, they need to stay in a certain color scheme, etc. And that’s cool, you know. It keeps the sims more cohesive as you’re sailing around. But his neighbors… well, either they can’t read, or they just don’t care, because if you’re sailing around, you’re slammed in the face with this:

Al's Neighbors

The other night we found a boat on top on the hill that separates their islands because the crazy people didn’t seem to realize that on sims connected for sailing, you need to NOT have your land set group access only. Or in their case, they want you to buy a pass to come in.

If you own land and have a covenant – check your renters to make sure they’re sticking to it, that’s all I can say.

Oh, and please don’t decorate your land like this unless you live far away from anyone else. It hurts eyes.

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