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Day 329 – Bee Positive

So, most people know I’m a pretty avid Plurker. Yeah, it can get crazy dramatic over there [with SLers? Drama? No WAY.], but for the most part I have loads of fun and it’s given me the chance to meet and chat with people I might not have met otherwise.

This past week was a bit drama filled on the plurk front. Very negative, very high school. [Although I suppose this should surprise no one, as we have a great many plurkers who haven’t been out of HS but 2-3 years at most.] So someone took it upon themselves to create Bee Positive. Almost everyday, Bee gives us a new challenge – like saying something nice about someone else or about ourselves. It’s really kind of fun and I know I feel really good after I do the challenge. And yeah, as someone said, it’s like we’re having to be reminded to be nice, but I don’t think of it like that. I think sometimes you just need a little push in the positive direction because being negative is often a lot easier.

Today’s challenge was to let someone we care about know how much we appreciate them, either in public plurk or private plurk, or just an IM. This was good for me because I’m working on my article for Second Style for November, and it’s the Thanksgiving issue. I am in the mood to be all cuddly with those I love best, and therefore today’s Bee Positive came to my blog. Also because I’m super long winded and 140 characters sometimes just is not enough! :-p

* Sophia Harlow – We’ve been friends for over 2 years now and I sometimes don’t remember what my life was like before she came into it. With a personality larger than life, she’s a good balance to my quieter nature. What would I do without her? I don’t even want to try to find out.

* Ulaa Coronet – My partner of…months! She’s one of kind. In one moment we can be dressed trampy and getting guys to show us their freenises at clubs, in another we can be having a serious discussion about anything. She is definitely one of my forever friends.

* Aldwyn Zanzibar – Ever meet that guy that you like, but you’re not sure of, right up until you are? Al is that guy for me. Sweet as can be, he puts up with my crazy issues and my insecurities, and still manages to make it seem like I’m normal and precious. Whatever I feel like doing, he’s down for it, whether I want to cuddle, see sea monsters, or just stand on a posestand and try on clothes. Who could ask for anything more?

* RubyStarlight Writer – Oh, Rooby. She was an unexpected addition to my SLife, and I adore her. Beneath her loud and brash exterior lies a heart of gold, although she’d probably not want anyone to know that. She definitely taught me that you have to look past the outside exterior and find out what’s inside, because that’s what counts.

Oh, there’s so so many more people who make my SLife so wonderful. If I sat here and named them all… well, I’d have nothing to talk about for my SS article, and it would take forever. LOL But I hope they know how much I appreciate and care about them.

Now that I’m done being mushy, here’s my pic of the day. I love surrounding myself with pictures of people I care about and the more pictures I have up, the better I like it.


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