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Day 333 – Plunk plunk plunk

While I was out with the plague, the Albero gacha festival for Halloween started. Gacha is kind of growing on me, I admit it. There wasn’t much that I just HAD to have this time around [unlike last time where I knew I’d cry if I didn’t get a pink radio from Artilleri] so I just made the rounds and bought one or two things from almost each machine.


I’m not actually a big fan of stuff you hold in your mouth but I thought that little ghost juice box was cute, even though if you actually tried to hold a juice box in your mouth by the straw, the box would slip off and you’d spill your juice. But I do love stuff I can carry in my arms, like this big candy corn! I don’t know whether to squish it or take a bite!

I’m getting a little sick of coughing, so I think it’s time to take my meds and go to bed.

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