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Day 342 – Alcatraz

Did you know there’s an Alcatraz in Second Life? I didn’t either. If it’s all made to scale and stuff, I have no idea. But I found myself there earlier tonight when I was scouting out locations to take photos.


There wasn’t a ton to do out there, but I guess you could go play and try to shoot people home since damage is enabled. I found myself in a ball. It was timed and I had to stay in mouselook for the 5 minutes I was stuck in there.

In a ball!

Reminds me of someone I used to know.

Anyway…Alcatraz. It’s in a big sim grouping of San Francisco sims. I don’t know if they have Linden Lab there built anywhere, but there is the “EndsUP” club, which, just based on the name, I think is probably more for the men. It was pretty packed according to the mini map, so I didn’t go in. My end stayed down.

I have a busy day tomorrow, so I’m off!

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