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Day 350 – Ay Papi!

Fun night! Ulaa, Aldwyn and I decided to go out to see what trouble we could cause. [Okay, I’ll admit it, I kind of wanted to find someone to pick a fight with. I was in that kind of mood.] We got dressed up and went to Frank’s, but that was DEAD BORING. I mean, boring with a capital B and that stands for BORING. Except for the squeals of “Oh my god, what is she WEARING!?” [and in one case, “Oh my god, is she NAKED?”], it was dulllll.

[We were nice. We did IM the naked girl.]

I said we should try to find a Latin club, and Ulaa found us the Tropicana! And it was fun! The music was awesome, the DJ had a beautiful, sulty voice that made everything she said sound utterly sexy, and it was just a good time. We didn’t talk to anyone there except ourselves, but it was really fun. I definitely think we’ll be back.

I tried to get a picture of the 3 of us, but Al always managed to have his leg in a weird position as I snapped pics. :-p


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