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Day 354 – So lucky :)

So Aldwyn and I have been together for 5 months now. If you’re surprised, it’s okay. Some of my friends on plurk were, too. We didn’t go super public with it at first. How many times have you seen people who have only been dating a week in SL shoving their new relationships in everyone’s faces, only to have it not work out a month later? We didn’t want to be like that while we were still getting to actually know each other. For someone like me, who has always had her SL relationships pretty open from the get go, it was nice. A little hard sometimes, since it’s just in my nature to write about everything, but it was nice. πŸ™‚

He’s been pretty wonderful to me. We talk all the time. He’s always interested in what I’m doing or thinking, but he never demands to know more than I am willing to talk about at the time. He’s not jealous when I talk to other guys, or attempts to keep me away from my friends. He’s very encouraging about anything I want to do, and he’s very understanding about my quirks, of which there really are many. He never judges me, or makes me feel bad about myself. It’s just so very effortless with us and I almost didn’t expect it to be. It’s true that you can’t judge all men by the ones that have hurt you. They’re not all the same. Not all of them will treat you badly.

One of the funny things he’s been pretty awesome about is the fact that I’m partnered to Ulaa. LOL Yes, I have a wife and a boyfriend! I think most guys would have demanded I get unpartnered at this point, but Al doesn’t. In fact, most of my nights are spent with the both of them, either all of us together in world, or at the very least in a Skype conference. I’m just really lucky. πŸ™‚

Al and I don’t live together. He still has his land and of course I have Bluebonnet. But he asked me tonight if I’d like for us to set up a little private getaway for the both of us over on his land. Sure! We decided that it should be snowy and we have a cabin that Ulaa built. After moving the cabin up in the air, and after he threw me off the platform a few times [SO OVER], we got the basics set up. Ulaa joined us and with all the snow, we got in the Christmas mood.

Um. Well, kind of a slutty Christmas mood. Ho ho ho, inDEED.


I love that he dresses up with us. LOL

We didn’t get much set up except the house and a few landscaping things, so tomorrow will come furniture and getting it all prettied up. I’ll have pics of that later, of course. πŸ™‚

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