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Dear SLanta…

Dear SLanta,

Hi! It’s nice to see you’ve come back to the island. We have much to catch up on, and we will, but for now, here is my Christmas list.

Well SLanta, the truth is, I have no idea what I’d like. I mean, have you SEEN the state of my inventory?? It would be easy to say I want more furniture from LISP Bazaar [because I always want furniture from there], or shoes from Shiny Things and J’s, or clothing from a dozen different places. But it’s most likely I’d just buy all that stuff anyway, or get it as gifts from others or review copies.

No, SLanta, what I want for Christmas this year, I’m not sure you could put in your bag. What I want is for my friends to feel happy and loved. I want people to be successful at their endeavors. I want them to remember that a little grace goes a long way, and that sometimes the best thing a person can do is forgive. I want those closest to me to receive everything that their hearts desire. I want everyone to have fun, laughter, and peace.

Till next time, SLanta. 🙂

Dear SLanta...

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