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Language is the source of misunderstandings.

There’s been a lot of talking lately. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I like to talk. And in a place like Second Life, sometimes that’s all we CAN do. But once in a while, I think there’s too MUCH talking. Sometimes it’s better to just hold your tongue and let things fall the way they will.

That being said, a long time ago, I used to do posts of pictures I found while cleaning off my desktop. I take pics a LOT in SL. Maybe not as many as I used to, due to the crashing issue I seem to have if I take more than 5 or 6 photos in a session, but I still take quite a bit. I was clearing off the desktop and found some pics to share. 🙂

This picture of Aldwyn and me makes me laugh! We were just sitting and I doubt he was even looking in world, but every time his hand came up, it made me think he was choking me. Heck, I’m such a brat, he may actually want to sometimes!


We’ve been in this pose before, and it’s a sweet one in the right angle. In this one, I look like I’m saying, “You’re going to listen to me, mister, and listen good!”

Oh buddy, we're gonna have a talk.

I caught this photo of Ulaa when we were out on her parcel. I was playing around with the Kirsten viewer that night to get shadows and stuff. I think it’s cute. No, I don’t know why she’s in the snow in a skimpy dress.


We were out at a sim where they sell a lot of stuff for kids. Forgive me, but I totally blanked out on the name of the sim. It’s super cute, though!

Cookies & Milk

Would you like some lemonade?

Like some lemonade?

Oh. Right. We’re not kid avatars. We don’t fit in these seats.

Our butts are too big.

These are mean snowmen! They are tossing around the head of the other one! Guess they never heard of the Pink Shirt Day. I don’t know who made this, but it’s pretty funny.

mean snowmen!

Love is when you show up wearing antlers and a red Rudolph nose, and your boyfriend STILL thinks you’re totally gorgeous.

Nose job

I picked this Santa Snuggle Bunny out at the Albero fair. Adorable! I love things that I can hold or hug.

Santa Snugglebunny!

Well, that’s it for now! This is why this blog will never be on any feeds. Who the heck really wants to be scrolling through eleventy million pictures? At least if you guys come here, there’s a chance you don’t mind doing it. Maybe. 🙂

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