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Well that’s interesting!

So as I’ve mentioned before, I have chronic anxiety. It’s tolerable most of the time and I can “fix” myself with music or games if I choose not to go the medicine route, which is often since I hate pills. But when I can’t fix it…oh man. And it was sure sky high this past weekend. So high, I couldn’t really even talk to people, so I kept myself mostly offline.

Well, Aldwyn [who must be going for sainthood since he puts up with me] decided last night since I was feeling up to being in SL, that we should go exploring. And where better to go exploring than mainland, am I right? Okay, well, I don’t think he planned on us exploring mainland, but once we teleported to some … garden or something, and my xanax kicked in, we had to just keep going!

Because for real? Where else BUT mainland are you going to see this kind of beauty?

Oh, mainland.

There’s a lot of pictures here, folks, so if you hate pictures, just move along. 🙂

So one thing that’s kind of cool about mainland is that there seems to be a lot of “old” there if you just walk around. Old buildings, old textures…just old. Like these prim animals!

Retro style

They were on sale for free, so I bought them.

As we were walking, we came to a “rest stop.” You can get poutine on mainland! Who knew?

Mainland Poutine

Also, on mainland, some of the shops have really OLD things for sale. Like couches that are made basically from prim blocks, not even the more cushiony toruses. [Oh, wikipedia says it’s “tori” when it’s plural. I’m learning!] And they’re EXPENSIVE. So either the person honestly thinks that they just made the most awesome prim couch ever, or they left SL and don’t remember that they have that junk there.

There’s also a ton of poseballs just hanging out. I can’t resist so we had to try a lot of them so I could see what they were.


Aldwyn: “How did you spend your Monday night? Oh you know. Hanging out with my girlfriend and chilling with a unicorn.”

Then we came across…well, this.

I think there WAS a store...

We’re pretty sure there was PROBABLY a store there once, but now there is not, and so it’s like a big floating marketplace of crap. Ugly does not begin to describe it.

But what is a trip to mainland without running into THIS guy?

Hey, it's 2006 all over again!

No shirt. Asshole pose. Dante skin and OC hair from Naughty Designs. Oh baby, it’s 2006 all over again.

Upon meeting this guy, we somehow crossed from just mainland into Zindra, because we ended up at some place called Sexdreamz. You know putting a Z at the end makes it awesome. This girl was there dancing her ass off in the champagne glass. It said she was staff there, but she never spoke, so I’m assuming bot. Especially wearing that Shy Carmelle skin that should have died a sad death in 2007.

This skin should die

You can buy a lot of stuff at Sexdreamz, including this bed for only $5999L.

Well that's how you know it's for gay people.

Love don’t come cheap.

Aldwyn: “It’s very rainbow.”
Me: “That’s how you know it’s for gay people.”

Because, you know. OBVIOUSLY if you’re gay, you only like big bright rainbow stuff.

You can also buy this couch for $999L.

It's only $999L!

I guess sitting doesn’t come cheap either.

I’m a huge sucker for tours in SL. I love love love when a place has some kind of tour thing to ride on. Sexdreamz has a hot air balloon, so naturally we had to take a ride!

Riding in a balloon

But I guess whoever owns the balloon tour has never actually TAKEN the tour, because somewhere in this oh so lovely mall, the tour ended. Badly.

No more ride!

Our explorations ended soon after that because it was late and we were both yawning like crazy. [Well, after we sat on a giant naked lady and I ran the circuit at a puppygirl store.] It was a good night, and I laughed so much, which truly did more for my spirit than the xanax did. Of course, it always does. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Well that’s interesting!

  1. I laughed so hard I cried when I read this post.

    I just popped two Xanax because I'm so strung out about my job these days that I'm physically sick. I hate getting the mean reds. I also hate the fact that my doctor is starting to feel antsy about prescribing it to me . . . after three years.

    I love that old-school unicorn in this post.

    I need to find a guy to do goofy things with in SL.

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