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There’s no itch at 7 months

You know, I’m really going to have to start spending more time in SL if I expect to keep blogging. :-p I haven’t been taking a break, really, but I haven’t been in much lately because … well, I don’t know. I don’t have a real reason, I guess. I’m just tired a lot with the new workout schedule and everything RL that has to be done. By the end of the evening, I kinda don’t have it in me to log in. But I’m sure that will change eventually. It always does and when I am able to pop in lately, I remember how much I love it, so things will balance out. That’s the way it goes.

Yesterday was Aldwyn’s and my 7 month anniversary. I didn’t log in because I was pretty beat and by the time he would have been able to log in anyway, I would have been falling asleep at the keyboard. But I did get to see him for a bit on Saturday night and it reminded me, again, why I’m with him.


A lot of people try to “own” you when they’re with you, whether it’s friendships or relationships, Second Life or not. I’ll laugh and tease and say “Oh back off, that person is MINE!” sometimes, but I will never try to own them. I’ll never try to put someone I say I care about down or make them feel bad because they aren’t who I want them to be in that moment. Yeah, I might be disappointed sometimes, but that’s the way it goes and if I love them, then I will love them regardless. If I ever fall short of this – well, I am human, after all.

Aldwyn never tries to own me. We are together, but he lets me be exactly who I am. If I’m bratty, if I’m happy, if I’m upset, he takes it all and lets me be who I am in that moment. But probably even more important than that, he lets me play. There is almost no greater gift that anyone can give me than that. He lets me run around and giggle and not always be a fashionista.

Me: Wow. I’m a hot mess.

Aldwyn: Yeah, but you’re my hot mess.

Me: *gasps!*

Aldwyn: Oh no…

I haven’t been myself lately. Part of it is just the season and part of it is other things going on in my offline world. But when I can come into SL and just let go, and know that he’s going to be right there beside me, enjoying me whether I’m laughing like a fool or ranting like there’s no tomorrow… well, you can see why I’ve been with him for 7 months now. ♥

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