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Mmmmm potatoes….

Oh hi, blog! Long time, no write! :-p

I’ve been busy in the physical world lately. Changing the way you eat and how much activity you get is kind of time consuming, you know? But things are starting to balance out, as I knew they would, and I’ve had more time to be in SL the past couple of days.

We were not going to go to spring on the island until next month, but I couldn’t stand the sight of snow just one more minute. So poof – spring came to the island last night. I think we were all ready for it. I’m such a sunshine summertime girl, all that snow was getting to me.

Last week sometime, I asked Ulaa if she could make a house inspired by a dollhouse I like. She agreed and today she was going to start work on it, but her home has been transported back into the 15th century and she has the plague, so the work is slow going. I never felt QUITE at home in the house I was using because it was a little too big for just me, so I decided to just pick it all up until I get my new house.

But I can’t just be totally homeless while I wait for my new house. So I made a makeshift house since I told Aldwyn I’d move to his sim for a while and he said he’d get me a cardboard box. Whatever! I can get my OWN cardboard box!

Home for now

I think that box was for like…a fridge or a car or something.


Do you like my hat? Sophia made it for me because I was crying over the fact that I do not own a mashed potato hat. It’s lovely!

Mashed Hat!

The hat came because of this video. Watch it, you’ll love it!

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