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And it sure wouldn’t be a kid with cat ears!

So we had a little shakeup in my kitty world last night. Desi ended up having to be returned because of some technical issues. KittyCatS have excellent customer service and I was given a new kitty within a few hours of filing a ticket. I thought I’d get an exact replica of Desi, but instead ended up with a girl kitty…a PINK one!

Awww kitties!

Her name is Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn. I pretty much love her.

Yesterday on plurk, Tymmerie mentioned a place called T.Whore. Well hey, I like whores. So we headed out there last night and I was pleasantly surprised at the girly clothes they had there. I bought a few pieces that I really liked, figuring I could put them together with other clothes and make it not quite so whorey. We were there quite a while, but mostly because we were lagging and because I was busily looking at this woman.

Dios mio.

She was wearing a body suit and jeans that were UNDER her butt. Why wear pants at that point? I don’t get it.

I was going to do a fashion post on T.Whore, but I know the clothes there are mostly from templates, and I try REALLY hard to not showcase too much template work on my blog. This is probably why I don’t blog all that often, huh? LOL! They had panties there that are pretty much exactly like ones that someone on my plurk list just released, and I know that person uses templates. But I love love love this little skirt and the little cardigan! The cardigan comes in 2 versions, a plain one like I’m wearing, and one that shows a bra.

At the Sci-Fi park

While I was at the Sci-Fi Amusement Park taking that picture, I got an IM.

[15:34] Creepy Child: hey
[15:34] Alicia Chenaux: hello
[15:34] Creepy Child: be my mommie
[15:35] Alicia Chenaux: sorry, i don’t do that.


Oh child, no.

It’s not that I’m all that against kid avatars like I used to be. It’s that I think if – BIG IF – if I ever chose to have one in SL, it would more than likely be someone that I already knew and was already close with. Some random person running around a sim asking probably everyone to be their parent – Hell no. LOL

Earlier in New World Notes, there was an article showning this YouTube video on how to do a “mirror” in SL. I wasn’t able to take a high rez snapshot doing it because I have that weird water glitch where things just don’t look right on the water, so the screenshot has it a little pixelated. But I think it’s pretty cool and if you can do it well, then awesome!


If you decide you want to try it and need the mirror texture thing, just IM me. I’m happy to pass it along so you don’t have to spend $10L on an upload for it. 🙂

Okay, I’ve written quite enough for now!

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