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Silence is sometimes the best option.

I’m awake far too late tonight. Far. Too. Late. But I think it’ll be the last night I’ll let myself do this. Tomorrow, hell or high water, I’m in bed before 2am. My time, I should say. Not SL time. 🙂

I spent a couple of hours in SL tonight, hitting up a few of the stores for Project Themeory and Spruce Up Your Space. I really like the sales that last for at least 2 days. One day sales make me anxious, like I’m going to miss something amazing if I don’t manage to get into SL until late that day. But weekend 2 days sales are great and I picked up this fab chair from LISP Bazaar tonight. It’s part of a knitting/sewing set. Really awesome, and it fits on the balcony of my house really well.


So while I was just hanging out on my balcony, I was watching a group chat that popped up. There are quite a few creators in the group, but it is a public group that anyone can join. There’s an event happening soon in SL and one of the creators in the group started to whine about having not been invited into this event. The way she made it sound, it was as if she needed an engraved invitation. She even went as far as to say that she’d start a fair on her own sim for her own products. Oh hey, I’m pretty sure that’s called YOUR STORE. But then she added in that others that had been “shunned” from this event could come, too.

If I liked the products that this person makes, which I don’t, I would most definitely think twice before purchasing from her.

I think that creators in SL really need to watch what they say in public forums. Not that I’m saying they should completely censor themselves or not have fun or whatever, but think of the whole Kenneth Cole twitter debacle. PR is a big deal if you’re attempting to get people to come buy stuff, you know? Not to mention it’s just flat out tacky to complain about not being invited to events, or say that you’re not making any sales, which I have also seen people do. It just makes people uncomfortable and feel like they have to go shop or have to invite you to events, even if they don’t think your stuff is very good.

I think I’m finally sleepy.

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