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He wasn’t totes winning!

So last night Aldwyn and I were at his place and flipping through some animations. Don’t be dirty. He was just flipping through looking at them while I was searching for a camera and plurking. It was all innocent. While that was going on, I get an IM. It’s a guy, and he apologized if I saw his crosshairs on us for a second. He was just camming around and saw us on the bed and cammed out.

Well, considering I almost never have my crosshair things on [they annoy me and I don’t generally care if people are looking at me.], naturally I didn’t notice. And even if he’d stared – hey, we were dressed and nothing was going on. Then he said that he noticed that I wasn’t partnered to the guy I was in the bed with.

Oh. Here we go.

Al and I were on Skype, of course, so I was telling him all of this as it was going. The guy seemed nice enough, but there was that thing that made me think that had I given him any encouragement, he would have tried to dirty talk me. I hate when guys try to dirty talk me when I have no interest. But to his credit, he managed to not do it.

Ulaa came over and we told her the story, and we noticed that he was still at his place. What do three awesome people do in this case?


Hell yeah, we went over.

Well actually, we were just going to boat past, but sim crossings are a bitch, as we all know, so at some point we got stuck in front of this guy’s house, went flying through his house, and then Al and I kinda got stuck in his roof. Fucking ninjas, yo.

He decided to jump in the boat with us for a while.

The new guy

Then he pulled out his boat and we raced around for a while.

[00:04] Alicia Chenaux: omg this is totally like a movie.
[00:05] Ulaa Coronet: but like you need hot chicks!
[00:05] Alicia Chenaux: yeah, if you had a hot chick on your boat, you’d be #winning.

We’re basically assholes, if you didn’t know.

After racing around for a while, we went over to his house and got out without being invited. What? He didn’t ask to get in the boat!!

[00:16] Alicia Chenaux: We’re nosy neighbors. Can we borrow a cup of sugar?
[00:17] New Guy: please excuse the dirty marks on the floor
[00:17] Ulaa Coronet: Help
[00:17] Alicia Chenaux: Oh. I need to borrow your VCR.
[00:18] New Guy: lol aren’t you supposed to start with cups of sugar and build up?
[00:18] Alicia Chenaux: Oh.
[00:18] Alicia Chenaux: Oh, I also need to borrow your car.

His girlfriend [at least, I guess it’s his girlfriend] showed up and because sometimes we’re not assholes in public, we were polite and left. And never did we laugh at her for wearing 2 pairs of shoes at once.

At least, not to her face.

But I think we proved yet again why people don’t hang out with us too regularly. doesn't fit.

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