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Kitty Shop!

And the great kittycats saga marches on. :-p

I mentioned before that we have a little kitty shop over on Catnip or GTFO, but there wasn’t much there when I first talked about it.

Kitty shop!

Not true now!

If you’re looking for kitties, you should totally come to our kitty shop. I have some kitties there for pretty inexpensive [since they’re not super traited or anything], and Aldwyn has some better kitties there. Ulaa is SUPPOSED to be selling her kitty furniture there, but she’s been busy with other projects and I think she forgot. [POKE POKE]

I’m debating selling my pink Valentine’s Day kitty. I’m kind of looking to get out of the kitty breeding business [although she’s a non-breeder currently] and I almost want to sell all my kitties except my leprecats. I guess if you see her sitting out there, you know what I decided!

Anyway, come out to the kitty shop! Sometimes I’m just hanging out there, so you can come say hi to me. Or just come buy kitties!

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