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Yikes, 2 weeks with no update? What is WRONG with me?

Well…nothing, actually. I was just taking a little SL break. After the whole kittycats disaster, I needed some time to recharge. I read a lot of books, and played a lot of Rift. But I’m slowly getting back into the swing of SL things. At least, I better be! I have a wedding to go to this week!

Rylan & Sixx are getting married on Thursday and I’m the DJ! I’ve never DJed a wedding ceremony before, so I’ve been up to my eyeballs in wedding music the past few days. We had the rehearsal the other night. Rylan and I look slightly over it. :-p

At the rehearsal

But since I’ve blogged today, taken care of some offlines left over the past couple of weeks, and gotten tier taken care of, I think it’s time for more Rift. 🙂

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