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Over the past week or so, I’ve had black streaks in my hair whenever I try to take a picture with shadows. Someone on plurk said they had the same issue and a fresh install of SL fixed it. Thinking about it, I realized that I haven’t done a fresh, clean install of SL in WELL over a year. I just keep installing new viewers and updating on top of everything. Back when I used to help run a little browser based game site, once in a while we’d do a complete fresh install of the game. It made everyone lose a lot of what they had earned, but it’s not like anyone paid to play, and we always gave them some game money to replace things.

I set out to uninstall ALL the viewers on my system today. I had SEVEN different viewers. Seven!! After uninstalling, I went into my program files folder and my documents folder and deleted all the folders that were left over. I installed one viewer [LL’s beta viewer] and guess what? No black streaks in my hair, and everything was working pretty flawlessly! I didn’t crash when taking shadow pics even once, and was able to keep running around and all! So if you’re having loads of issues, copy your windlight settings to another folder [something you should do anyway if you have ones that you don’t want to lose] and do a fresh install. It might clean up some problems for you!

I’ve been working on the island today. I remember when I used to be more scared of terraforming and I didn’t want the island to change too much from how it was when I first moved there. Not so anymore. I have gone nuts on my parcel. Does it look good? Well, time will tell. I’m not done yet, and still need to invest in more landscaping items. Once I get my new house, then I can really finish up. But since I don’t have my house, Biscuit and I have been camping out in my trailer. At least, until today when I picked up the trailer and put down this taco stand.


Butterdish used to be one of my favorite places to go for pictures, but once I got over how pretty it was, I was also amazed at the funny little builds that were sold there for so very very cheap. I picked up that little stand last year sometime and once in a while, I remember that I have it.

Biscuit wasn’t that impressed. She fell asleep while ordering.

She's ordering!

Did I mention that she dug up a 500 regard point arrowhead last night? LOVE HER.

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