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I still got invited back!

Pretty much won SL today. Truth covered Sophia and me with his peen. šŸ˜¦


I’d show a picture but I like to keep my blog family friendly and work safe. If you follow me on plurk, you got to see the picture. We got him back, though, when he went AFK.

Truth went AFK. BIG MISTAKE.

He’s pretty with his cracker crown, gold wings, and blonde pubes, right?

So I had a conversation a couple of days ago that got brought up again today. When did people forget that creators in SL are not just brand names?

I’ll admit, I used to fangirl certain people in SL, usually designers, but occasionally bloggers. It’s hard not to at first, especially when you’re really in awe of how talented some folks can be. But as you grow in SL, eventually you really get to know people, either because you’re good at chatting in world [I’m not.] or you’re good at social networking. [Plurk FTW!] The fangirling ends real fast when you really get to know people. Oh, you still like them [Umm… Usually.] and you still appreciate how talented they are, but it’s hard to remain in awe of someone who just said that they peed in the shower or ate too many marshmallows in a row. In fact, most of my closer friends told me that at one point they fangirled over me too, until they got to know me.

I’m still not sure if that’s an insult. :-p I kid, I kid.

But, what my point is here [I swear I have a point] is that some folks have honestly forgotten that behind the talent, behind the skills, behind the prims and textures, are actual PEOPLE. Yes, they can whip up a hair or a shoe in Maya or draw a face or a shirt, but they’re just people. Creative, yes, but mostly kind of goofballs. They laugh over flexi-peens. They give you virtual hugs if you’re sad. They sit in sweatpants eating Snickers bars while snorting over some silly video on YouTube. Just people.

I mean, seriously. We’re all on Second Life. How cool can we really be? LOL!

Anyway, speaking of social networking, I have a 2nd Hub! I like plurk a lot more because conversations seem to flow better, but 2nd Hub seems okay too. If you join it, you should totally add me. I don’t post much there, but maybe that’s just because I don’t have all my buddies on it.

I have a pretty busy day tomorrow, so I really should try to get some sleep.

2 thoughts on “I still got invited back!

  1. A Men Sister! People forget that behind every Pixelated Prim hair is a Usually (I say this loosely) quite charming and amusing Person. Thanks for the Blog šŸ™‚

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