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“What is the difference between exploring and being lost?”

So Aldwyn and I were talking last night and I mentioned that a long time ago, there used to be a place in SL that did pizza deliveries. I know, right? But you’d IM whoever was on duty and then they’d show up at your door with a pizza. I was curious to see if the place was still in SL. I don’t think that it was, but I did find another pizza place and we went off to check it out and ended up on mainland. But not just mainland. It was like the mainland that someone forgot. I mean, look at this.

What's a...telehopper?

What the heck? LOL

Oh, and might I just add that HE pointed this shop out to me? I was busy looking at pizza and bears.


During this time, he mentioned that he’d never been to Da Boom, Second Life’s first sim. Well, no one should ever be in SL for years without having been to where it all started, so we went off to check it out. While we were running around, we wandered into a neighboring sim and into a marvelous dance club.

Dance fever! LOL!

None of the dances in that dance machine were made after 2006. Hell, maybe even 2005. We did the classic noob dance. You know the one! You touch each opposite foot and then turn around in a circle kind of shaking your hands. Fab! I don’t know how this place wasn’t more crowded!!

It was really fun to get to explore these old old places with him. We didn’t meet until 2009, although both of us have been in SL for years, so it’s really kind of fun going back to these super old sims and places so that we can both be “noobs” together. I think next time we get a chance to go exploring, I’m going to take him to the big beanstalk and we’ll see who is the better jumper. I think it’ll be me!

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