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Oh..hi there.

I find myself getting excited for a moment about things, but then pushing them aside. I guess RL stuff will do that to a person. I’m trying to keep everything as simple, nice, and easy as possible right now. It’s not that hard to do in my SLife, though, since I don’t get out much.

Aldwyn is adorable and bought me an ugly outfit simply because I wanted the phone that came with it. The outfit truly is not that great. But the phone is my current most favorite accessory. Aside from my engagement ring, of course. Now I can just walk around texting!

I like to text

Oh. And remember what I said about not fangirling much anymore? Yeah. I met Miel Nirvana yesterday and …

Humping Miel

I don’t know if that counts as fangirling or just being obnoxious. But he’s totally sweet. lol

This might be my last blog post for a week or so since I’ll be away from my computer after Tuesday for I don’t know how many days. Have a great 4th of July, if you live in the States!

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