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Pretty sure we can do better.

Since Aldwyn is STILL being mean and is STILL out of town, I decided to go check some wedding venues tonight for inspiration. We are going to have the wedding on Bluebonnet, and I have ideas in my head of what I want it to look like, but inspiration is never a bad thing. So I looked up some wedding places and off I went!

Did I find inspiration? Well, if I wanted to see what not to do.

I landed at a place that advertised free weddings. When I landed, immediately their bridebot invited me to a group and sent me an IM. She’s a looker, no?

Um...nice bride?

They did have an altar and all kinds of poseballs set up. So I GUESS if you were super short on money, it would be a good place to go. But the funniest part? They have a minister set up. And you just clicky click the minister to get the service going. It’s REALLY freaking funny!

Free minister

Father Mosely: The couple are now going to register their partnership.


But I guess it’s not unusual to have a prim minister because I wandered to another place and found this guy ready for action.

He'll cost you 500L

He won’t do the ceremony for less than $500L, though. I guess to pay for that face.

Yeah…I think we’re definitely better staying on Bluebonnet for the wedding. And hopefully our officiant won’t be a noob. Hopefully.

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