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Tired today

I’m really tired today. I keep getting asked what is for dinner but man, I just don’t have the energy to cook. Not to mention it’s flippin’ hot in my neck of the woods, for all that I’m having to wear a sweater in the house because the AC is freezing me so badly, the arthritis in my left fingers has me holding my fingers in pain. Typing isn’t easy but I know I can’t just stay still or it will get worse. But mostly, I’m just tired and I need quiet for a bit.

So tired today.

My Aldwyn came home yesterday and I spent the first half hour we were together just talking his ear off about this and that. I’m lucky that he’s a good listener and he seems to like to hear me babble on about nothing. Once I finished telling him about the past few days, and he finished telling me about his trip, we discussed my ideas for the wedding while having a region message war with Ulaa. She and Al are my only estate managers [besides my 2 alts, Aidan & Piper]. I was *this* close to making it flood on the island, but since most people were up in the air, it wouldn’t have been very good.

I have a lot of ideas of how I’m going to terraform for the wedding, but I won’t know how it’s actually going to turn out until I can do it. It’s times like these I wish I had a spare sim for a couple of hours just so I can work a bit. Maybe if I ever win the lottery, I’ll buy another sim. :-p

Maybe I need to make a wedding To-Do list. Although the first thing we really need to do is set a date! That would probably be quite helpful!

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