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It was a blingtastic time!

We had our Old SLchool party last night. Check out how HOT I was!!

Old SLchool - My tip board pic. LMAO!!!!

I fucked up the picture though. I had my antialiasing turned ON. :-p

It was a REALLY fun party!! We chatted and laughed and played sploder. Evie was the biggest winner of all of us, I think, but she does dirty things to sploders when no one is looking. Check out a few pics!!

People doing super old dances.

Old SLchool - Dance, bitches!

Ulaa being cochina on the pole.

Old SLchool - Ulaa on the pole

Aisuru on the pole!

Old SLchool - Aisuru on the pole!

Lexi totally forgot how to use a lucky chair.

Old SLchool - Lexi forgot how to use a lucky chair!

Aldwyn had to go AFK. This pic came out really well considering I was lagging and dancing and stuff. LOL

Old SLchool - Al went away. LOL

More dancing!

Old SLchool - More dancing

I really really need to have parties more often! I love hanging out with my friends and so often we don’t because we just talk on plurk and forget about hanging out together in world. And plurk is cool and all, but nothing takes the place of actually being together. šŸ™‚

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