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He was always there

Back in January 2010, I was doing weekly photo diaries for a research project a nice professor from one of the local universities was doing.   Tonight I was thinking back on it, and I remembered that Aldwyn had actually been in one of my diaries. He’d invited me to the sim to come dance since I was upset over something or other.  It just said “Stressed about RL issues” in my diary. 

 Dancing, January 2010 :)

 [2010/01/21 22:01]  Alicia Chenaux: lol…you know, the funny thing is, this is kind of what i needed tonight.

[2010/01/21 22:01]  Aldwyn Zanzibar smiles
[2010/01/21 22:02]  Aldwyn Zanzibar points to his profile..the part about being psychic
[2010/01/21 22:02]  Alicia Chenaux laughs.
[2010/01/21 22:03]  Aldwyn Zanzibar smiles as he dances with you…
[2010/01/21 22:04]  Alicia Chenaux: so you psychically thought i needed to dance? lol
[2010/01/21 22:05]  Aldwyn Zanzibar: no, I needed to dance
[2010/01/21 22:05]  Aldwyn Zanzibar: and a little plurk birdy told me you were in a mood…

Awwwww. 🙂

The funny thing is that at that time, I half thought he thought I was stupid, and half wondered if he was ever going to hit on me.  I was WAITING for him to hit on me and he didn’t!  So by the time he actually did, it was like…a huge surprise. LOL

Soooo…. I got my wedding dress todayyyyy!!!  Oh gosh, it’s so beautiful.  It’s elegant and simple, with a great fluffy but not too fluffy skirt.  It’s just exactly what I wanted.  I twirled and twirled up on my posestand after putting it on.  I didn’t want to take it off!!!  But if I did that, Al wouldn’t get to see me until the wedding, and you know, that won’t do.

Okay, this blog won’t be the All Wedding, All The Time blog.  But since it’s the main thing going on in my SLife right now, I can’t seem to help being totally into it!!  I just want it to be so beautiful and so right for us.  I keep joking that it’s all about me, and he’s so nice, he agrees with me on that, but I know it’s really about US.  I can’t wait to really start decorating!  I was going to wait to get started on terraforming until after Labor Day when the island goes back to a grassy sim, but I may end up getting started in the next week or so because I just can’t wait!

I have to take my pore strip off now. Don’t you just love those things?

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