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No me gusta terraforming

Last night I started on making my parcel wedding ready. For what I have in my head, this requires a LOT of terraforming. But you know what?

 I don’t like terraforming that much.

No me gusta terraforming

Seriously, it makes me want to cry.  Or have a tantrum.

But I got the basic shape down.  It’s kind of hard to get the big picture because of the sand.  Seriously, think of most beachy sims you know of.  They’re usually fairly flat because terraforming sand pretty much sucks.  Once we go back to grass next month, it’ll be a lot easier for me to see what I’m doing.

I wish I were better at it, though.  I really wish one of the super land workers I knew was still in SL!!  I would have paid him pretty much anything to make my dream come to life, but alas. 😦  Oh well, it’ll get done.

And omg!! Y’all should see the AMAZINGGGGG gazebo Ulaa is building for the reception!!!!  I was like, “I want a gazebo with like…tons of lights.”  And she was all “I got this.”  It’s awesome!!

So I have my dress.  My hair is being styled.  The reception gazebo is almost done.  We’re pretty sure what tux Aldwyn is going to get.  Ulaa and I have to go maid of honor dress shopping.  Everything is progressing really well.  Now we just need a DJ, an officiant, and…oh yeah… TO SET THE FREAKIN’ DATE. :-p

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