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The date is set!

It’s a quiet evening for me in SL tonight, which is kind of nice. I’m just hanging out and listening to some old jazz and chilling. I needed this tonight, definitely.


Sooooo…. we’ve got a wedding date!!!  And as soon as we set a time, I’ll reveal the date. 🙂

We’ve decided that the ceremony is going to be just for us and our close friends and the Bluebonnet residents [who are pretty much all our close friends anyway!], and then the reception will be open for everyone who wishes to come celebrate with us.  It’s not how I REALLY wanted to do it, but having stressed and cried over the guest list, wondering how we could invite people who actively hate each other to our ceremony, I just can’t do it anymore.  Aldwyn and I love so many people who very very very much do not like each other, and it seems the longer we have been planning this, the more hate comes out between people [as shown this past week on plurk!] and we’d just rather not have our day with that kind of drama.  I hope no one gets hurt over this decision, but well…it is OUR day, after all.  I really shouldn’t even have stressed out about this for even one moment, but I just wanted everyone to have a good time and share in the celebration with us without feeling like they need to teleport out immediately because so-and-so showed up, you know?  Our close friends have been wonderful and told us that no matter what, they are there for US, and no one else, so I am very grateful for that and for them. 🙂

I’m getting so very excited now that we have a date set!!!  I have been in SL for so long, and have had many good days,  but this is truly going to be the best day ever for me!

So now we have to get our invites made, buy the cake and flowers, write our vows, and find an officiant, photographer, and DJ.  There is not that much more time to get all of this done, really!  But it will get done.  The parcel is pretty much finished as far as decorating goes, and thanks to Ulaa, our reception gazebo and altar pergola are finished.  I think finding the DJ might actually be the hardest thing since I’m being all kinds of tight fisted about the ceremony music. LOL  And writing the vows might be hard for me…I tend to get long winded.  [No, really?]

I think I’m going to go to bed early.  I’m tired and no one is around to keep me up, so I can escape to bed! :-p

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