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Day 5 – I Found Shoes!

Guess what??

I found SHOES!

Day 5 - I found shoes!

No, they don’t come with the socks. I just happened to be wearing socks and I’m too lazy to get undressed sometimes. But yay SHOES! They’re the flower pumps from G Field and the perfect color of blue and I love them and I almost never want to take them off because THANK GOD I FOUND SHOES.

Ooh, and!! Do you see the table back there? Sweetheart Jori Watler sent me a Greedy table!!!! Happy! I stayed up too late last night playing Greedy by myself. Playing alone is fun because I always win!!

I also got the ceremony music done and sent off to Elle and I’m almost finished reviewing the ceremony and vows and stuff so I can send back to Pam, but I need Aldwyn to take a look at it first before sending it so he’s not just blindly saying “I do” up there.

Oh, he just did and said it’s fine. Yay. One more thing off the list.

Actually…. all we have now to do is buy the flowers, cake, and set up for the reception. Woot woot!

We’re watching Ulaa build the house we’ll be using after the wedding. It’s big and beautiful and I can’t waittttt to live with my new husband!!!!

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