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Get Your Sexy On!

So hey! Guess what? You can get your freak on with some free SexGen! What’s funny to me is that there are some people in SL who honestly don’t know what SexGen is. I mean, let’s face it. There are some better animations out there these days. I’ve used SexGen before, of course, but the animations never really fit me. I dunno what the avatar sizes are supposed to be to use it properly, but either I was too small or the guys I’ve been with have been too big [hee!] and it’s never fit properly. Nothing like cuddles where his hand should be on your butt and yet is a foot away from your body!

But anyway, at one point, SexGen was king of the sexytimes. But I guess Stroker is leaving SL or something [there was some weirdness on his Twitter a few days ago] and now? He’s giving away his SexGen program thingy for free! With full permissions! For everyone!

Ulaa and I skipped on over there to see what was up, making jokes that now we have ALL THE THINGS and we are going to make everything sexy! Sexytimes House! Sexytimes Garden Shed! Sexytimes Window Boxes!

Of course, based on the others we saw there picking up the thingy, sexy truly is relative in Second Life.

Everything Gets Sexy

The funniest thing happened right before we left for the night. This … demon? type guy showed up. She simply couldn’t resist messing around with him for a few minutes before we logged. He says his RL self is just like his avatar – INSIDE. Oh.

Ulaa and the ONE

Mmmm….melatonin kicking in…. gonna go to….zzzzzzzzzzz…..

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