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More decorating

God, what a lazy Sunday. I’ve been having massive crazy sinus/allergy issues the past few days, so you guys know how that can take it out of a person. I actually spent most of the day playing Dragon Age again. I get bored of games fairly easily, but that one draws me back again and again.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t get in to decorate more! Today I worked on our bathroom and part of the living room. I’ve also been trying to work on the master bedroom, but I *think* I’m going to want the wallpaper to be changed. I like pink, and I even found a bed in my inventory that matches the walls, but it’s just….too MUCH pink for me. I know, right? That actually just came out of MY mouth. And if it’s too much pink for me, then it’s really too much pink for it to be a shared bedroom.

I worked a little bit outside too, just adding this and that. I really do love this house.

I love this house

Tomorrow I think I’ll finish up the dining room, and maybe start working on the backyard. And maybe the husband and I will actually get to see each other in the house for more than 10 minutes! Now that would be nice! 🙂

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