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You’re the lace in my shoe

As much as I love pink, I started to think that all the pink in the master bedroom was too much pink. Especially since, you know, I don’t live by myself anymore and this is OUR bedroom as opposed to just MY bedroom. So I set about today and changed the wallpaper, and then set up the room with stuff I forgot I had bought. Al seems more comfortable in the room now.


“It was a lot of pink.”
“Yeah, and I know how you love punk. Pink.”
“Haha! You totally typoed when you spoke. You spoke-oed!”

Things in the house are progressing nicely. I really only have to finish up the dining room and I think that’ll be that for inside the house. We want to have a housewarming party when it’s all done. Maybe in the backyard!

The back shot

I’m thinking I might just let Al do most of the backyard. After all, I’ve done pretty much everything so far inside and this is his house too. He was talking about a brick something or other, like for the grill. Like I told him, he can totally do what he wants. Of course, if I don’t like it, I’ll change it, but he said he expects that. :-p

He did put out his grill. Then I put out the cows.


It’s actually RAINING here tonight, and the air is totally cool, so I think I’m going to go snuggle into bed and enjoy it. Goodnight!

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