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A railing would be good…

We’re busy at work in the backyard tonight so we can finally get things done and ready for a housewarming party. 🙂

Totes working

Oh… Well, the building of a patio really IS more of a man’s job.

Since the husband has been busy recently, and I didn’t have anything else to really decorate, I finally got off my butt and went to get my stamp rally cards stamped so I could pick up my prizes. Omg, how cute is that dollhouse from Mocha???

My doll dreams can come true

The cool part about it is that it comes with all the furniture and I really like some of the pieces so if/when I get bored with what we have in our house now, I can switch out pieces now and then. Too too cute! I really did feel like a little doll running around in there. I love dolls and dollhouses, but they do always tend to remind me of the book “The Dollhouse Murders” that I read when I was younger. Did you all read that? Flippin’ creepy for a kids book, but man, did I love that book. That and “Wait Till Helen Comes.” Eeee! I’m creeping myself out now.

But I think my favorite prize is the Chemical Light AO. I have been running around with the AO on holding the light stick, but I love to just dance with it too.



Oh. I think Al needs some help…

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