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Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

Last night I was fighting with my graphics card. I am GOING to make it do what I want to get the pictures I want! It’s a decent little card [nVidia GeForce GTS 250], although I’ll probably be asking for a new one for Christmas if someone will help me decide on one that is great for SL but doesn’t cost more than my car. I messed around last night with taking pics, then playing with Photoshop [another thing I plan on getting better at one day] until I came up with this pic. I don’t know, I think it’s pretty cute.

Dragging him around

Of course, I might be biased about it being cute just because of who is in it. :-p

I ended up messing around with other things today for my style blog pic and ended up getting a setting that I was more agreeable with. So we’ll see. I’m still getting a line in my pics when I have shadows on and am using a bigger picture size. If anyone knows how to fix that, please tell me!!

So anyway, while I was trying to put together another look to blog for tomorrow, I heard little giggles. Kids aren’t usually on the island [they are welcome, of course, but none of us who live here have them] so that was odd. And then? I started hearing EGGS SLAMMING AGAINST THE HOUSE.


Oh HELL to the no. That paint is FRESH on the house! I ran downstairs to catch the culprits. And then shoot them…because I’m from Texas and that’s what we do.

Eggs everywhere!!

Aww….well. If they weren’t so cute, I’m sure the damage would have been worse.

Flippin Kids!

Of course, Halloween isn’t until tomorrow. If this is what we get the day before, tomorrow I better be sitting outside on the porch with a bat.

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