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Loading up on Christmas prims

I love decorating for Christmas in SL. It’s soooo much easier than doing it in RL, don’t you agree? In RL, my tree is in a box still sitting in the corner. We can’t have a real tree because I have stupid allergies, so it’s always the fake tree. But ugh, that’s such a pain to put up, you know? All the little branches, all the trying to get the “needles” fluffed up. It’s pretty tedious. And THEN I still have to decorate it!!!

No, it’s much much easier to decorate in SL and if I’m not careful, I’m going to use all the prims inside the house and have nothing left for the ice skating rink and winter park I’m going to put up on the other side of the parcel. I need to find lower prim Christmas decorations! I mean, everything I put just IN the fireplace probably comes to over 100 prims.

Starting to decorate

But it’s pretty, so… yeah.

I need to find something for the top of the fireplace. I think I might have to get some stuff and rip it apart and smash it together to get the look I want. But I’ve been doing that with other stuff, so it doesn’t matter.

Snow is in the forecast for Bluebonnet this week. Good thing we’ve been stocking up on sweaters!!

Al went to bed and I’m itching to go back to playing Dragon Age [yes, again, for the 50th time. But I’m playing DA: Awakening this time because I’ve never finished it.] so I think it’s time to wrap this up, shut off all my IM things, and get into the game before I need to get in bed.

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