Up on the housetop

It always seems that the nights I want someone around, that’s when no one is around. Hmmph.

Up on the housetop

I don’t expect for people to entertain me. In fact, it annoys me when people seem to expect others to entertain them all of the time. But once in a while, I want someone around to skate with or go up and play Greedy or just sit around and do nothing together. Unfortunately, the two I am with the most are busy a lot, especially on the weekends. If all this alone time keeps up, I’m going to have to… I dunno, do something drastic.

You know. Like IM people or something.

Maybe I should get an SL job. Ooh, or I could make stuff and sell it! Yeahhhh! I’m not very good at building anymore, but I can make umm…boxes and stuff. Or I could buy sculpt packs and put shit together and tell people it’s awesome and that they have to buy it. Or I could take peoples’ pictures and because I can use shadows, I can call it art and charge them a lot of money. OR I COULD DO MORPHS! Plenty of skanks people in SL like morphs!

Hmm…or I could force my way into someone’s SL family and make them take care of me because I am so cute with my antlers! That would work, right?

Or I could just shut my mouth, take off my Crankypants, log off, and go to bed. Maybe I’ll do that instead.


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