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Guilt Trip

So Aldwyn’s been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. He has 3 jobs because that’s how many it takes to take care of me. LOL! Just kidding, just kidding. Poor guy has to fight just to ever get me a gift. But he does have 3 jobs and with the end of the year coming up, things have been pretty hectic for him.

Of course, I go in phases of needing time alone and needing constant attention. This works out well for us sometimes because when he’s busy, I entertain myself with no problems. But unfortunately, I’m in one of those attention needing phases, and this whole thing with him working so much sucks for me. So while trying on some stuff I hadn’t gotten around to unboxing yet, I thought, “Oh my God! This skin! I know what to do! I’m going to take a picture and use it as a guilt trip! Because I’m TOTALLY CRYING HERE.”

Guilt Trip

Do I not look like the saddest girl in the whole wide world??

All was well and good until I got up. Then my guilt trip was just more amusing than anything else because you see, to get the shot that I wanted, I had to mod my hair a bit. And once I got up and saw myself…

That's how it goes

It was nothing but flat out funny!

At least I found a way to entertain myself for an hour tonight.

But I’m still not down with him not being here when I want.

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