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In the mancave

I don’t really go into our garage much. That’s Aldwyn’s mancave and a guy needs a place to like…get away from his wife. Or fix cars or whatever. I had run out there yesterday to grab some toys for the baby, but I hadn’t really looked around in a while. Imagine my surprise when Ulaa was passing by and happened to look into the garage window. Immediately she had to tell me [and everyone] that Al had some…THINGS in there. When I got home, I had to go in to look.

No sir.

No sir

This is not what the mancave is for!! The mancave is for fixing cars and boats and puttering around with computers so parts don’t get all over the floors!

But, I’m also not against things like this occurring. I’m not that much of an asshole. I just would rather he have good quality visual aids, if you get my drift. So being the good wife that I am sometimes, I ran back inside the house, set up the camera, stripped down, and got to work. After all, what would be a better visual for a man than his wife, am I right??

After getting my clothes back on, I hopped back out to the garage to fix things up for him.

That's better

I couldn’t wait for him to get home! Sure, I had gotten on one of his computers. Sure, I had changed his screensaver and desktop picture. Sure, I drew some mustaches and Sharpie chola eyebrows on some of the girls in his magazines. But he’d be happy, right?

He thinks so too

Yep. I was totally right. 🙂

But it might be a while before I venture back into the mancave.

7 thoughts on “In the mancave

  1. Hmmm maybe not his Mom with all that porn on it, unless there are things about Mom you don't know…

    Let us say it was his buddy's computer he was fixing for him, and his buddy walked in and really liked the new desktop!

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