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Another letter to SLanta!

It’s that time again for my yearly letter to SLanta to tell him what I’d like for Christmas! I know, I’m cutting it close this year!

Dear SLanta

Dear SLanta,

Hi! I’ve been very good and I think that this year, I deserve some stuff. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I probably have more stuff than should be legal, and I’m quite appreciative of it all! But it’s been a tough year in some spots, as you well know, so I think I should be allowed to ask for things this year! Are you ready? Here we go.

1. More mesh stuff! I need boots and shoes and dresses and tops and jeans and furniture!

2. More cute stuff to play with! A long time ago, I used to have tons of things to ride or pose with. But over the years, they’ve either broken or the quality is just ugly.

3. Jewelry. Casual jewelry, more specifically. Yeah, I know, I HAVE stuff. But I have a lot of big statement pieces or big formal jewelry. I need casual stuff to wear with jeans or delicate pieces to wear with dresses.

4. Cold hard cash. :-p Okay, just kidding, SLanta.

Really, I have pretty much almost everything a person could ask for in SL. I’m incredibly blessed. What I really want can’t be delivered in a bag. I want to be happy, for my friends and family to be happy, and for all of us to enjoy the time we have together. If there’s one thing I learned this year, it’s that our time together could be taken away in an instant, and we should enjoy each other while we can.

Well, except for the invisible horse, saddle hag, frowny mouth girls. I don’t enjoy them at all.

Merry Christmas, SLanta!

Ali ♥

One thought on “Another letter to SLanta!

  1. I've been doing some casual jewelry shopping recently and may I suggest a few places? Check out Amorous the build is very futuristic but the jewelry is fab. Also, check out Love Always. The store caters to children but the jewelry is all resize and i had no problem fitting it to me. I also like Je Suis, it's a little bit pricey but it's all color change so totally worth it.

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