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New Year’s Eve Eve!

Awww yeah! I love the hours leading up to a party!! I especially love the time when I’m half assed dressed and look crazy.

Getting Ready for the Party

Yeah, I totally went shopping like that. I didn’t feel like changing. I hope someone took pics.

Anyway, the New Year’s Eve Eve party on Bluebonnet is tonight at 8pm SLT!! The parcel is closed off to the public [except for Bluebonnet residents, of course] until party time because I set the landing point and I know that’s annoying to people who really only came to see the ground level. Or who just wandered onto the sim for no reason.

I’m so very excited for the party tonight. I love getting the party room just right, spending some time making a playlist, getting my outfit ready. It’s all good times to me!

I hope you guys can make it! It should be a good time! 🙂

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