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Day 3 – Well, they WERE cool.

So yesterday on plurk, this inventory tip was being passed around. Basically, you go into your inventory Recent tab, open the filters, and filter back however many days old you are. Then scroll to the bottom and you have your earliest items. I did it and found these shoes that I bought in late December 2007.

Day 3 - Well, they USED to be cool.

[07:14] Ry Carling-Yangtz: I will personally come there and set them on fire

Mean! These are VINTAGE Kool Kicks! They used to be the best!

Of course, looking at them more closely, they have shine, the “laces” are basically square, and they’re not that great. But for the time…they were hot.

I’ve been deleting a lot of things today, but sometimes I have to try items on just to see them again. Two things about this:

1. SL fashion has become so FREAKING AMAZING over the past few years!!!! I’ve deleted some items just because I know it would cause the designer great embarrassment if I were to keep them. Things that I thought were such amazing quality back in 2008 pale sadly in comparison to today’s new mesh items. Hairs, skins, even poses, they are all so much better now! I have pretty much always been a stickler for quality items but it’s fascinating to see how things have changed.

2. So many things I have in my inventory have memories attached to them. Especially these early items! I remember stalking lucky chairs with Cenedra, or having her IM me to say “This place has freebies! Let’s go!” I remember decorating my little house next to Sam, and then of course all the fun we had at the Viper Pit. Although I am happier in SL now than I ever have been, I still miss these people. I don’t know where our friendships would have gone in the long run. No one can ever know that. But I do miss them.

There are some things I cannot delete. I just can’t. All the inventory cleaning in the world won’t make me delete them. But maybe…maybe I can box them up.


3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Well, they WERE cool.

  1. >>I've deleted some items just because I know it would cause the designer great embarrassment if I were to keep them.

    That's a great line! As a longtime Second Lifer I know just what you mean. Love your blog and am following you now!

  2. Damn you wear so pretty jeans nevermind which of your picture I see. You are trendy. But I think I remember the good old sneakers. They look much better today yea. 😀

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