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Day 9 – I should do something!

My friend Adorkable made this really awesome Picture Window for her store and honestly, I haven’t moved my butt off of it in hours.

Day 9 - I should do something

I have REALLY got to start doing more in SL. I mean, I know I’m not alone. Most of my friends claim that they just stand on their platforms staring at themselves. People boohoo and whine about sims closing down in SL, but honestly? How many of us are actually going out there to SEE anything?? We don’t. We stay in our own parcels, we plurk or IM, we shop on the marketplace. And it would be easy to say “Well, it’s because SL is laggy. It’s because people bother me when I go out. It’s because the moon is in the 7th house but yet Jupiter aligned with Mercury instead of Mars and I’m fucked.”

But really? I think we’re mostly just lazy.

Back in the day, we went out. We found fun little clubs to go dancing in, even if it was just one time. We ran around sims just because. We dressed up like jerks because it made us laugh. It was work to get dressed and yes, sometimes we fought with people that we ran into because they were assholes. But that was part of the fun!

I kind of wish I had a hang out again. A place, like the Viper Pit, where I could just GO and sit and either chat with people or just sit quietly and sort inventory. It’s funny, given that I have almost half a sim to play with, that I would want to go somewhere else, but that’s how it is. Cen and I used to sometimes sit for hours just sorting inventory or blogging, rarely talking, until we decided it was time to play. I miss that a lot.

Maybe I just need to make a late New Year’s resolution to go somewhere in SL at least twice a week to explore. At least it would give me better photos because I’m going to run out of places on Bluebonnet to take pics of myself soon!

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