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Day 10 – Out of my jeans

I’m a jeans and t-shirts/sweaters girl. In the physical world, if I am not in my beloved stretchy yoga or pajama pants [which is often], I’m in jeans. And that is my normal style in SL. I just throw on one of 3 brands of jeans [Zaara, Mon Tissu or] and some top and that’s me for the day. But tonight I thought I’d dress up a little bit. I even put on a dress!

Day 10 - Out of my jeans

Yeah, then I curled up on the couch after hitting up the Olive Juice closing sale. Baby steps.

Last night I was talking to the husband about how we [and by we, I mean us and most of our friends] never do anything because pretty much all of us have homes that we are settled into, and going OUT is unnecessary a lot of the time. He looked up Sanctuary Rock on the map, since that place is OLD and somehow always has people, and we took off over there to see what the people of SL are doing these days.

They pretty much look like you expect.

Well that's what you'd expect

I really gotta say, I’m tired of men in SL walking around bare chested or with open shirts almost all of the time. Yeah. You have a chest. It was painted by Tricky Boucher half the time. I’ve seen it. Cover up. But that’s just me, I guess, because in both lives, I’m a little grossed out when someone shows too much skin constantly. If you show it ALL THE TIME, then it’s not SPECIAL. :-p But that’s a post for another day!

Sanctuary Rock was…not bouncing. The music was not very good, the hostess [a neko, naturally] did nothing more than welcome people and then didn’t talk. No one really talked. They could have passed as bots if not for the harsh “Haters can suck it, I hate people, I’ve been hurt before so now I’m a BITCH” profiles that we’ve all seen before. Seriously? That kind of profile does not make you seem amazing. It makes you seem like a high school loser with no real social skills and does NOT make people want to say hi to you!

We left there after dancing a bit and found ourselves on some gerontology island. It was… well, it was old, and there were lots of bots around but they were more of the NPC variety and some of them talked if you asked questions. The best part was that you could get a bike to ride, and we got to find some info on AARP for Al.

AARP for Al

He’s going to hit me. :-p

It’s getting late and I’m getting tired, so I guess I’m off to bed.

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