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Day 12 – It’s like old times

The inventory cleaning goes on. Today I put all my Truth hair in folders by month and year. I should probably just delete the 2009 hair, I’m sure he’d thank me, but I would have to go through it all first to see if I like any still.

Anyway, I stumbled across this gem in my inventory while I was cleaning.

Day 12 - It's like old times

If you’re newer to SL, you probably don’t know what that is, but the oldbies will know. It’s a skydiving pod! You sit down, it starts up and shoots you up into the air, then dumps you out. If you’re wearing a parachute, then you skydive down until the chute opens. We used to have a target that we set up on the top of one of the building at the Viper Pit and if you wore a jumper thing [it’s been a while, I’ve forgotten] it would count how many jumps you did and how many times you hit the target.

What? It was good times. Don’t judge.

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