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Day 15 – Looking For Fun

It was a lazy Sunday for me, so I figured I’d spend some time in SL just exploring around. Aldwyn & Ulaa were off doing whatever it is they do when they’re not in SL, so I found myself on my own again. I figured I’d find somewhere to go and dance that wasn’t a couples type place.

The big problem with a lot of clubs in SL is that they suck. Another problem is that if you don’t already know the people there, you can’t really break into the conversation [on the slim chance that one is happening], and it gets boring quickly. But there are a few clubs that are “newcomer friendly,” and I’ve always found Toontopia to be one of those clubs. You won’t get a lot of conversation really, and if you hate gestures it’s not the place for you at all, but because the music is house/dance/techno, the gestures often blend in with the music easily enough. And, there’s almost always people there, which is a big plus.

Day 15 - Looking For Fun

The music was pretty good, and even though no one was really talking except for gestures, it was kind of a nice place to dance and just hang out with some people that I didn’t know.

Of course, after I crashed, I came back and thought I’d hit an event.

I didn’t realize the event was in 2008.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go back to 2008



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