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Day 17 – "I so rarely get to do it!"

It’s not easy being a blogger’s husband. I mean, almost anything we do ends up in the blog. Almost anything funny he says [or that I think is funny] ends up in the blog or on plurk. Even worse, I’m a fashion blogger, so I usually do a lotttt of shopping before he’s even able to get online. Well, not lately because of the fashion funk I’m in, but usually. So tonight I dragged him to Aura because Tyr has a new skin out for a pre-sale [the full line isn’t out yet]. We took it home and I put it on and played with my shape and my hairbase and checked to make sure we could stand looking at my boobs [What?] and then I decided I did like it. He asked me how much it was. I told him and then I hear the money sound.

“Aww, thanks honey!”

“I so rarely get to do it!”

Then we sat while he insisted I had something dark on my arm, I insisted I did not, and then after he relogged, I actually looked at my arm and realized I had a prim on it.

Yeah…well… That happens.

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